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Newborn + , Any time, Any day! Mothers Helper! — Elizabethtown

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My name is Casey (26 yrs old) and I am looking for some small children to take care of in my home here in Elizabethtown. I have many references from parents i've worked for and a background check if needed! I have been taking care of babies since i was 16 and I love children and am exceptional with them at all ages. I know that in the busy daycare setting, most children so not get the attention that they need and deserve. Most day-cares are at a ratio of 7:1, and in my opinion and experience, babies are happier and respond more to individual attention and need more care than to be fed and changed. I offer "day care" in a  "family-care" environment in my home. I take no more than 3 children in my home so i can be attentive to everyone and nurture each child's individual needs. In addition to this, I also offer care at any time, and on any day to help those parents with hectic work schedules for little to no extra charge depending on the situation. Please call or text me at 270 401 7280 thank you and Happy Holidays!!!

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